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Inbuilt Heaters

The Kalora inbuilt wood heater range has been specifically designed for easy installation into existing fireplaces overcoming the inefficiencies associated with traditional open fires such as excessive fuel burn, uncontrollable heat levels and energy that is lost straight out of the chimney.

Alternatively if you love the look of an inbuilt wood heater but do not have a fireplace, Kalora have the solution. Our double skinned zero clearance box enables the installation of our 500i and 600i into a timber framed wall
with the need for only minimal clearances.

Relax in the fan forced warmth of your home with the added convenience
of overnight burning to eliminate those cold winter mornings.

The Kalora 500i and 600i provide a safe and clean environment for your family by minimising the risk of rolling logs or flying embers associated with an open fire.

Whether it be safety, convenience or efficiency the benefits of a Kalora inbuilt wood heater will add atmosphere and warmth to any home.