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Freestanding Heaters Specifications

Freestanding Heaters Specifications

Unit Size (mm)
A B C D Flue Ø Weight
Kalora 425R Radiant Wood Heater 500 740 137 510 152 100
Kalora 500C Convection Wood Heater 672 733 197 515 152 149
Kalora 600C Convection Wood Heater 771 806 206 620 152 182
Internal Firebox Size (mm)
Width Depth
370 330
445 305
545 365
Clearance to Combustibles (mm)
Kalora 425R Radiant Wood Heater 700 496 360 103 350 745 1180 550 1520
Kalora 500C Convection Wood Heater 250 346* 150* 114 450 900 1110 100* 1255
Kalora 600C Convection Wood Heater 350 381* 175* 108 450 1000 1175 170* 1425

It is COMPLUSORY to have your wood heater installed by a qualified person whose work conforms to Australian standards, local council regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations. Your warranty and any home insurance may be void, on failure to do so.

Due to our policy of continuous improvement of our products and services, technical specifications and claims, correct at the time of going to print, may be subject to variation without prior notice. Kalora has endeavoured to ensure that the information in this document is correct and fairly stated, but does not accept liability for any error or omission. Kalora Pty Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for their interpretation of AS/NZS 2918-2001, AS/NZS 4012-4013. All heating capacities quoted are based on units tested with quality hardwood. Minimal performance reduction may result due to large glassed areas, vaulted ceilings, draughts or insufficient insulation.
We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice. The images depicted in this brochure are digitally produced for display purposes only and are not representative of the standard required to meet warranty specification. The effectiveness and performance of the overnight burning is influenced significantly by individual installation and environmental conditions and the quality of fuel used.

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